Chris Clifford

Christopher Clifford founded Cliffco, Inc. (“Cliffco” or “Cliffco Mortgage Bankers”) thirty-three years ago as a broker, starting from the basement of his home with a modest investment of $20,000 from his retirement account. Initially, Cliffco’s focus was on subprime second mortgages and assisting borrowers in improving their financial situations. In 2000, Christopher obtained a banking license, which marked the beginning of a steady and gradual ascent for Cliffco. Throughout the years, Cliffco successfully secured approvals from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), establishing solid relationships with major players in the industry and maintaining positive connections with warehouse partners. Presently, Cliffco’s partnerships include First Horizon, Flagstar, and The Bank of California.
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Ryan Riddle

Ryan Riddle is Vice President at Cliffco Inc. In the span of little more than five years, he went from an individual with a background in catering to a distinguished partner at one of Long Island’s premier mortgage institutions. Over this brief timeframe, he has personally facilitated transactions exceeding $500 million in residential and commercial loans, overseen originations exceeding $1 billion, and successfully maintained the coveted position of holding the #1 market share in the fiercely competitive Long Island market.
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Vice President

Adam Broder

Adam Broder is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the mortgage industry. Originally from East Meadow, New York, Adam has been hardworking from a young age. When he was only twenty-two, he was able to purchase his first residential construction property and at twenty-four, he acquired his first building. From then on, Adam knew his true calling.
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Chief Sales Officer

Jason Levy

Regional Sales Director

Gary Johansen