Do you want a 4% interest rate? By Lisa Zambelli, Loan Officer

Lisa Zambelli, Loan Officer - NMLS #13055 - Phone: 631-871-9857

In this short video, Lisa Zambelli introduces first-time home buyers to a mortgage loan program offered by Cliffco Mortgage Bankers at a very low interest rate.

"Lisa Zambelli here... It's time to get creative. Are you a first-time home buyer who actually stopped looking when the interest rates went up? Well, give me a call. I have a program with an interest rate in the fours and realize this. If you are working with an interest rate right now in the fives, and we go down one point, well, on a $500,000 house, you could actually raise your qualifying price to 550. So, that might be something you want to talk to me about. So, shoot me a direct message. Give me a phone call and I'll tell you more about how that program works."

Cliffco Mortgage Bankers is a mortgage bank specialized in getting home buyers financed to acquire their home, and real-estate investors funded to add properties to their portfolio. We serve the Long Island, NY real-estate market, but we also serve several States, including NY, NJ, PA, FL, CT, and TX

Lisa can be contacted at Cliffco Mortgage Bankers to prepare your mortgage loan application the right way for success. Call her at 631-871-9857.

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